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Hyde 33150 Replacement Shaver Blade Hyde Tools 45807 Smoothing Tool Hyde 33170 Replacement Shaver Blade
HYDE 33150 Replacement Blade
Our Price: $7.99 Exc GST
HYDE 45807 Smoothing Tool
Our Price: $3.79 Exc GST
HYDE 33170 Replacement Blade
Our Price: $7.99 Exc GST
Replacement blades for #33100 wallpaper shavers. Used to smooth wallcovering and other materials, to smooth and spread drywall compound or as trim guide and paint shield. Sturdy construction with tapered working edge for flexibility. Non-marring rounded edges will not damage work. Replaces blades of #33120 wall wolf wallpaper shavers and other 4 in wallpaper shavers.
American Safety Razor 66-0377 American Line Wallstripper Blades Wagner 0282014 On-Demand Power Steamer Red Devil House & Home Restore Wallpaper Seam Repair
Wagner 0282014 Power Steamer, Yellow
Our Price: $199.99 Exc GST
High carbon steel blades. Fits all standard handles. The Wagner 915e power steamer is a multi-purpose, chemical-free steam cleaner that can be used to clean countless areas around your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, floors and more. It also includes a wallpaper attachment to easily strip wallpaper with no harsh chemicals needed. The steamer comes with 18 accessories and attachments to help tackle nearly any cleaning task. From countertops to toilets and from grills to tile grout, this steamer does it all. Just add distilled water to this steamer for safe, chemical-free cleaning. This is great for homes with kids, pets, and those sensitive to harsh cleaning agents. The easiest solution for repairing torn or peeling wallpaper, this premium adhesive provides a strong final bond between surface and wallpaper and prevents peeling in high-humidity areas such as kitchens and baths. Excellent adhesion, odorless, easy water cleanup.
ProSource 38800 Wallpaper Smoothing Tools ProSource 14083-3L Wallpaper Stripper Replacement Blades ProSource 14082-3L Wallpaper Stripper
This tool can be used to smooth wall covering, spread drywall compound or use as a trim guide and paint shield. Because of it tapered edge for flexibility it helps you smooth out air bubbles and creases without tearing or marking the wallpaper with comfort. The ProSource  smoothing tool is gentle on wallpaper with its soft, rounded edges. The ProSource replacement blade is ideal for stripping wallpaper and fabric from walls. It can also be used for removing paint and stickers from glass. The ProSource wallpaper stripper removes wallpaper, scrapes paint or stickers off of glass. The enameled die-cast head holds replaceable blade at an angle.
Renin 208230 Mirror Mounting Tape SHOWER RING STEEL SET         SCRAPER REPL BLD 4IN MTL
Kenney KN960/12 Clip Ring, Steel
Our Price: $4.59 Exc GST
RENIN Mirror Mounting Tape, 40 in L, 3/4 in W Multi-functional. Can be used on shower or window curtain rod. Up to 1 in Dia. HYDE Richard Scraper Blade, 4 in W Blade, Suitable for: # 13315 and # 13314 Scrapers
Richard Wallpaper/Floor Scraper, Non-Slip, Round Handle, 13 in L, Metal Handle HYDE Richard Scraper Blade, Steel Blade, 4 in W Blade, Suitable for: # 13320 and # 13325 Scrapers