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Nifty Nabber 960430 Grabbing Tool Quickie 735TRI Extra-Reach Angle Broom Unger 960630 Straight Floor Squeegee
Nifty Nabber Grabbing Tool, Nifty Nabber, 48 in Overall Length, Aluminum Handle, Rubber Overmolded Steel Fingers, For Indoor and Outdoor Quickie Angle Broom, Extra-Reach, Series: 735TRI, 14 in Sweep Face, 100% Polypropylene Fiber Bristle, 48 in Handle Length, Steel Handle, Powder Coated Handle, For Large Area Cleaning Unger Floor Squeegee, Straight, Series: 960630, 36 in Blade Length, Rubber Blade, Aluminum Body, Black
Quickie 0553RM Professional Mop Refill STEEL HANDLE W/FERRULE        Rubbermaid 2956 Open Top Rectangular? Wastebasket
Quickie Mop Refill, Automatic Professional, Series: 0553RM, Suitable For Use With: Model 055 Type P Roller Mop, 12 in Length, Poly Sponge, Includes: (2) Wing Nuts and Scrubber Pad, For Cleaning Purpose Quickie Broom Handle, Heavy Duty, 15/16 in Dia, 60 in Length, Steel, Powder Coated, Suitable For Use With: All Standard Threaded Products Such As Deck Brushes and Broom Blocks Rubbermaid Wastebasket, Open Top Rectangular?, Series: 2956, 28-1/8 qt Capacity, 14.4 in Length, 10.200 in Width, 15 in Depth, Linear LDPE, Black
Quickie 057TRI Roller Mop Super Iron Out IO30N Rust Stain Remover GRANDMA LYE SOAP ASSORTMENT
Quickie Roller Mop, Automatic, Series: 057TRI, Cellulene Poly Sponge, Ergonomic Handle, 48 in Handle, Steel Handle, For Use in the Kitchens Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover, 28 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, Cloth, Brush Dispenser, Powder, Solid, White, Characteristic Odor/Scent, Composition: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Sodium Metabisulfite, Citric Acid, 5.5 - 6 pH, Applicable Materials: Fiberglass, Porcelain and Acrylic, NIOSH Approved, For Toilet Bowls, Toilet Tanks, Sinks Grandman's Bar Soap, Pure and Natural, 6 oz Capacity, White, Composition: Lard, Water, Lye, 12 % VOC, 1.07 Specific Gravity, For Body and Face
HAND BROOM W/ DUST PAN        Quickie 409 Dust Pan Zep ZUHLF32 Floor Cleaner
Plastic brush block with 80 tufts of PET bristles. Poly dustpan with 8-1/4" mouth and rubber lip that collects dirt and debris on contact. Ridges on dustpan for cleaning bristles. White plastic with blue rubber ergonomic handle. Quickie Dust Pan, Series: 409, 9-1/4 in Width, 12.81 in Height, Plastic, For Holding Debris Zep Floor Cleaner, Series: ZUHLF32, 32 oz, Bottle Packing, Trigger Spray Dispenser, Thin Liquid, Clear Colorless, Pleasant Lemon-Lime Odor/Scent, Composition: Methyl, Propoxyethoxy, Propan, 0.99 Specific Gravity, 8.5 - 9 pH, 40 - 120 deg F, Applicable Materials: Acrylic, Laminate and Wood
Acme HO2 Cleaning Sponge Rubbermaid 2803 Dual Action Wastebasket Amrep ZUMARB32 Zep Granite/Marble/Quartz Cleaner
Acme Cleaning Sponge, Series: HO2, Large, 7 in Length, 4-1/2 in Width, 2-3/8 in Thickness, Honeycomb Polyether, Yellow, For All Home, Auto and Marine? Cleaning Rubbermaid Wastebasket, Dual Action, Series: 2803, 45 qt Capacity, 16 in Length, 11-1/2 in Width, 22 in Depth, Polyethylene, White, Suitable For Use With: Standard 13 gal Kitchen Bags Amrep Granite/Marble Cleaner, 32 oz, Can, Trigger Spray Dispenser, Applicable Materials: Marble, Granite, Quartz
Quickie 00863HDSUTRI Soft Sweep Push Broom HEAVY DUTY DECK SCRUB         Unger 960140 Straight Pro Squeegee
Quickie Push Broom, Soft Sweep, Series: 00863HDSUTRI, 24 in Sweep Face, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle, 7/8 in Thickness Block, Wood Block, 60 in Handle Length, 1-1/8 in Diameter Handle, Wood Handle, Includes: Steel Die-Cast Connector and 1/2 in Steel Brace, For Smooth Surface Quickie Deck Scrub Brush, Heavy Duty, 12 in Block, DuraTek Block, Stiff Poly Fiber Trim, 54 in Handle Length, Wood Handle Unger Pro Squeegee, Straight, Series: 960140, 18 in Blade Length, Rubber Blade, Stainless Steel Body, Plastic Handle, Includes: Ergonomic Overmold Grip Connect and Clean Locking System, For Commercial and Residential
Quickie 594 Push Broom Rubbermaid Brute 2610 Round Refuse Trash Container Without Lid Sunshine Makers 0310001260014 Simple Green Grill Cleaner/Degreaser
Quickie 594 Push Broom, Tampico Fiber
Our Price: $32.99 Exc GST
Quickie Push Broom, Series: 594, 24 in Sweep Face, Tampico Fiber Bristle, Heavy Duty Block, Resin Block, 60 in Handle Length, 15/16 in Diameter Handle, Steel Handle, Powder Coated Handle, For Smooth, Indoor Surfaces: Basements, Wood Floors and Tile Rubbermaid Trash Container, Round Refuse, Series: Brute 2610, 10 gal Capacity, 15.63 in Diameter, 17-1/8 in Length, Linear LDPE, UV Protectant, Gray, Built-In Handle, NSF, USDA Approved Simple Green BBQ and Grill Cleaner, Biodegradable, Heavy Duty, Non-Toxic, 20 oz, Aerosol Can, Spray Dispenser, Foam, White, Composition: Water, Ethoxylated Alcohol, Sodium Citrate, Tetrasodium N,N-Bis(Carboxymethyl)-L-Glutamate, Sodium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Butane, Propane, 1 - 1.02 Specific Gravity, >212 Deg F Flash Point, 10.5 - 11.5 pH, For Cleaning Of BBQs Grills, Microwaves and Other Cooking Surfaces
Quickie 38 Wing Nut Janitor Wet Mop Handle Amrep ZUFGC19 Zep Glass Cleaner LAs Totally 62 All Purpose Oxygen Base Cleaner
Cleaner Oxygen Powder - Case of 12
Our Price: $39.48 Exc GST
Quickie Janitor Wet Mop Handle, Heavy Duty Wing Nut, Series: 38, Suitable For Use With: 16 to 32 oz Mop Heads, 56 in Length, Hardwood Amrep Glass Cleaner, Foaming, 19 oz Capacity, Aerosol Can, Liquefied Gas, Colorless, Pleasant Odor/Scent, Composition: Ethanol, Butane, Propan-2-ol, 10 - 11 pH, Applicable Materials: Glass, Standards: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200, For Bathroom, Car Exterior Use LAs Totally All Purpose Oxygen Base Cleaner, Series: 62, 16 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, Powder, For Septic Tank
DUST PAN & BRUSH SET PLASTIC  Quickie 754TRI Professional Angle Broom Amrep ZUSOE16 Zep Odor Removers
Quickie Dustpan and Brush Set, Plastic/Poly Fiber, Ergonomic Handle Brush Quickie Angle Broom, Professional, Series: 754TRI, 15 in Sweep Face, 100% Polypropylene Fiber Bristle, 48 in Handle Length, Steel Handle, Powder Coated Handle, For Large Area Cleaning Amrep Smoke Odor Eliminator, Non-Toxic, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, Spray Dispenser, Liquid, Opaque, Pleasant Odor/Scent, Composition: Alkanes, C12-14-iso, Butane, Propane, 2,2'-(ethylenedioxy) diethanol, 0.92 Specific Gravity, 19 % VOC
Quickie 00635SU 2-In-1 Push Broom Quickie 469-3/72 Microfiber Cloth Quickie 470-6/36 Microfiber Cloth
Quickie Push Broom, 2-In-1, Series: 00635SU, 24 in Sweep Face, Poly Fiber Bristle, Heavy Duty Block, Resin Block, Cushion Grip Handle, 60 in Handle Length, Steel Handle, Powder Coated Handle, For Sweeping Medium Textured Commercial/Residential Surfaces Quickie Wiping Cloth, 13 x 15 in, Microfiber, For Countertops, Appliances, Paintwork, Furniture, Kitchen and Bathroom Quickie Wiping Cloth, 13 x 15 in, Microfiber, For Cleaning Glass, Windows, LCD/Plasma Television Screens and Other Smooth Surfaces
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