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Garden Hose Connectors Gilmour 27142 Sprinkler/Soaker Hoses Gilmour 01M Large Garden Hose Coupling
Brass manifold swivel tap connector. Leakproof ball valve. 4-way adjustable shut-off with rubber ring for flow control. Water narrow, curved or irregular patches of lawn with this 2-in-1 sprinkler and soaker hose. A low spray releases water at a consistent, controlled rate ideal for new grass or fragile flowers. If the end of your hose is crushed, corroded or worn, you can replace it with a new coupling. Simply cut off the old coupling and attach the new one.
Gilmour 01F Large Garden Hose Coupling Gilmour 05HM Small Hose Mender Gilmour 05M Small Garden Hose Coupling
If the end of your hose is crushed, corroded or worn, you can replace it with a new coupling. Simply cut off the old coupling and attach the new one. Use a mender to repair a hole or crack somewhere in the length of your hose. Just cut out the damaged portion of the hose and splice the ends back together with the mender. If the end of your hose is crushed, corroded or worn, you can replace it with a new coupling. Simply cut off the old coupling and attach the new one.
Gilmour 05F Small Garden Hose Coupling HOSE GARDEN HVDY 5PLY 5/8X75FT Toolbasix DY601 Impact Sprinkler Heads
If the end of your hose is crushed, corroded or worn, you can replace it with a new coupling. Simply cut off the old coupling and attach the new one. Kink-free construction. PVC/rubber outer jacket is UV and abrasion-resistant. Machined "heavy-duty" couplings. Anti-kinking spring at spigot connection. 500 psi pressure rating. Pulsating sprinkler head adjusts from partial to full circle.
Gilmour 44GF 4-Way Shut-Off Valve Gilmour 09QC Quick Connector Set Gilmour 876C Spot Sprinkler
Heavy-duty solid brass construction. Controls water flow for four hoses. Extra-large handles for easy grip and turn with easy-on swivel connector for accurate connection to faucet. Features push/pull ring to couple or uncouple hose and attachments quickly and easily. For hose to sprinkler or hose to nozzle connections. Heavy-duty solid brass construction with comfortable rubber grips. Contains: One male and one female quick connector. Targeted watering with great durability. Gentle, fountain-like spray is ideal for spot-watering small areas without waste. Ideal for treating trouble spots on the lawn and new seed.
Rainbird ET25512-50 Drip Watering Emitter Tubing Chapin 6-7756 Extension Wand Garden Hose Connectors
Rainbird Emitter Tubing, 1/4 in Nominal, 50 ft Length, 70 psi Working, Black, For Extending Watering To Narrow Planting Areas And Container Plants CHAPIN Extension Wand, Premier, Brass, Dimensions: 16 in L, Suitable for: 26030 Tank Sprayer Helps prevent hose from kinking at the faucet. Fits standard house and hose end couplings.
Gilmour 04HCC Hose Cap Gilmour 27 Water Weeper Landscapers Select SX-20583L Trigger Sprayers
Hose cap keeps debris, dirt, grass clippings and insects out of your hose, protecting it from clogs. Ideal for new plantings, shrubs, bushes and raised beds, water is released from a flexible, vinyl hose directly into the soil, sparing leaves of droplets that cause plant diseases. Water without waste by delivering a steady stream no faster than the ground can absorb it, deep into the soil, not pooling on top of it. Trigger spray bottle is used for cleaners, pesticides and liquids. Adjustable nozzle offers mist, spray and stream patterns.
HOSE GARDN PVC 3PLY 5/8X100FT Garden Hose Nozzles ProSource YP1121 Garden Hose Sets
Flexible, economical and durable. Solid brass couplings and sure-grip connector. Anti-kinking sleeve and PVC outer jacket. UV and abrasion-resistant. Soft insulated grip and dial turret guard. Locking clip allows continuous spray. Adjusting stem to increase/decrease water flow. Rotating dial turret allows 9 different watering patterns. Flat hose reel of size 50 ft. Lightweight, easy to store. Built-in water ringer automatically drains water. Easy-to-wind reel. Has built-in handle and stand. Set includes 7-pattern plastic spray nozzle and male adaptor.
Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler Rainbird BC50-4PK Hose Coupling Colorite/Swan ELCF34050 Contractor Farm Garden Hoses
Adjustable head, from partial to full circle. Constructed of heavy-duty non-corrosive zinc and brass. Provides full uniform coverage up to 60 ft Dia. For effective long distance sprinkling. Rainbird Hose Coupling, Rainbird, 1/2 in Nominal, Barbed End, Connect 2-Piece of 1/2 in Tubing The element? contractor farm? 50 ft, 3/4 in garden water hose is designed for a broad variety of professional applications. And whether you are working on the farm and need to wash your livestock truck or planting trees for a landscaping project, this contractor-grade garden hose will help you to accomplish these tasks with maximum efficiency. The above-the-standard 3/4 in Dia of this 50 ft garden hose will allow you to accomplish a majority of the tasks that require using high volumes of water. It also has a 500 psi burst strength and heavyweight reinforcement at high water pressure areas for lasting durability. The extra-large couplings on the ends are made with lead-free anodized aluminum that has improved crushproof capabilities and allows it to withstand damage when run over by agricultural machinery or equipment.
Sprayco J-16 Trigger Sprayer Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer Chapin 6-7711 Replacement Extension Wand With Male Nozzle Thread
SPRAYCO J-16 Trigger Sprayer, Clear
Our Price: $4.59 Exc GST
Sprayer that covers your lawn and garden needs. Use for watering plants, spray insecticides and kill weeds. Bottle has graduation marks for exact measuring. Ribbed neck for easy handling and is ideal for indoor and outdoor needs. Built for comfort. Built for convenience. Built to last. SOLO? ergonomic design contours to your back for greater comfort. With a proven piston pump, you will be reliably equipped for applying spray liquid or insecticides in your garden. A low number of wearing parts and sturdy technology ensure a long service life and minimum maintenance. The large filling aperture for convenient filling of the tank and smooth-running pump make spraying pleasant work. The SOLO? 425, with a connecting rod-actuated piston pump, can produce a wide pressure range of up to 90 psi and is capable of performing virtually every spraying task. Easily and effectively handles liquid disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and formulations for tree, shrub and plant protection. Curved, brass compression sprayer extension.
Chapin 6-7749 Replacement Extension Wand Zep Commercial HDPRO36 Professional Spray Bottle Chapin Premier Pro Compression Sprayer
Rotates 360 deg for spraying flexibility. Fits models: 2240, 2241, 2242, 3131, 3134, 2771, 2811, 2812, 2813 and 6400. Does not come with nozzle. Nozzle can be purchased separately: Orgill sku nos. (695.6353) for Poly nozzle and (695.6254) for Brass nozzle. The 32 oz high-output commercial professional sprayer delivers more than 3 cu-cm per pull. Its ergonomic trigger allows for three-finger pulls, reducing fatigue, while the adjustable nozzle offers a range of sprays, from a fine mist to a 30 ft stream. Graduated measurement marks on the sprayer simplify the mixing process, while a designated area on the bottle allows users to label contents for future identification. The CHAPIN premier poly XP sprayer is ideal for the home, lawn, garden and agricultural professional. The 2 gal translucent poly tank provides easy viewing of fluid levels and comes with a 4 in wide mouth opening for easy filling. This sprayer features a brass wand and shut-off, adjustable brass nozzle and a pressure relief valve.
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