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Turbo Power 15-356 Gas Line Antifreeze Calterm 70306 Battery Clip SCRAPER ICE 3-7/8X10IN
Designed for use in all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and snowmobiles, and is suitable for fuel injection, carbureted, and diesel engine vehicles. Helps to dry moisture in fuel tanks and lines and prevent lines from freezing, helps ensure easy starting in cold weather. Contains methanol, and an effective bittering agent to help prevent human or animal consumption. Use approximately 150 mL of gas line antifreeze for 60 litres of fuel, or one per tank of gas. Calterm Battery Clip, 30 A, 18 - 10 ga, Metal, Includes: Flexible Vinyl Insulators and Matched Crimping Ears, ES406 Mallory Ice Scraper, 3-7/8 in Blade Width, 10 in Handle Length, Plastic Handle, Assorted
Calterm 70303 Insulated Alligator Clip STP 35-276STP/276 Lock De-Icer Calterm 66332 Automotive Voltage Tester
Calterm Alligator Clip, Insulated, 18 - 14 AWG Wire, For Home and Auto Applications Thaws/releases frozen locks and lubricates internal mechanisms. Contains isopropyl alcohol. Packaged in a handy nozzle bottle. Calterm Voltage Tester, Automotive, 6 - 24 VDC, Medium Aluminum Base
SM Arnold 25-406 Bug Sponge FUEL PREM STABLZR 1OZ         Bussmann AGC-25-RP Automotive Fast Acting Fuse
Durable poly sponge encased in nylon mesh. When wet, it is used to clean dirt and grime from windshields, chrome and whitewalls. Glasgow  Premium Fuel Stabilizer, 1 oz Capacity, Pouch Packing, Liquid Bussmann Fast Acting Fuse, Automotive, Series: AGC, 25 A, 32 VDC, 1 kA Interrupt, 60 min at 135%, 120 sec at 200% Response, Ferrule, Non-Rejection Cylindrical Body, Single Element, Glass, 1/4 in Diameter, 1-1/4 in Length, Fuse Holder Code: G, CSA Certified, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed, For Electronic Circuits
CAPS VALVE TIRE BLACK         Mini-Pak 61370 Piggyback Adapter Gunk Hold-Zit R715B Tie Down Strap
Our Price: $3.29 Exc GST
Mini-Pak Piggyback Adapter, 16 - 14 AWG Conductor, 1/4 in Stud, Fully Insulated Insulation, Crimp-On Connection, Blue Gunk Hold-Zit Tie Down Strap, 15 in Length, Compounded Rubber, Reinforced S-Hooks End, Used on Many Trucks and Trailers to Hold Down Tarps and Other Equipment
WASH WINDSHIELD -35C          CAPS VALVE TIRE CHROME        Victor 00876-8 Pencil Tire Gauge
Our Price: $3.79 Exc GST
Our Price: $3.99 Exc GST
Victor Tire Gauge, Heavy Duty Pencil, Series: 00876-8, 10 - 50 psi, Stainless Steel Body, Includes: (4) Bonus Black Plastic Valve Caps, For SUV, Truck and Tractor Tires
Our Price: $4.59 Exc GST
Hampton 06272 Bungee Cord, 18 in L
Our Price: $4.99 Exc GST
Ideal for oils, acids, adhesives, etc. Made of flexible, durable polyethylene. Chemical resistant. Eliminates splashing and tipping. Easily cleaned. White. Without filter. Multi-purpose. Hampton Bungee Cord, 18 in Length, Stainless Steel Twin Lead Hook End, For Marine Use Camco Hose Coupling, Internal, 2 in Nominal, Slip Joint End, ABS Plastic, Black, Used to Connect 2 Sewer Hoses and For Connecting Damaged Hose Couplings
Hampton 06274 Bungee Cord Calterm 08231 Weather Resistant Fuse Kit Tru Flate 17-509 Standard Tire Gauge
Hampton 06274 Bungee Cord, 24 in L
Our Price: $5.39 Exc GST
Hampton Bungee Cord, 24 in Length, Stainless Steel Twin Lead Hook End, For Marine Use Calterm Fuse Kit, Weather Resistant, Series: ATO/ATC, Includes: Rubber Seal, Mounting Tab, 30 A, 10 AWG Tru Flate Tire Gauge, Standard, 10 - 50 psi, For Passenger Cars, Vans and Light Trucks
Hampton 06276 Bungee Cord Calterm 66316 Automotive Voltage Tester BRUSH SNOW 23IN BLUE W/SCRAPER
Hampton 06276 Bungee Cord, 32 in L
Our Price: $5.69 Exc GST
Mallory 523 Snow Brush
Our Price: $5.69 Exc GST
Hampton Bungee Cord, 32 in Length, Stainless Steel Twin Lead Hook End, For Marine Use Calterm Voltage Tester, Automotive, 6 - 12 VDC, 3 W Power, Amber Handle, For Locating Shorts, Grounds and Open Circuits Mallory Snow Brush, Plastic Block, Contour Grip Handle, 24 in Handle Length
Klondike 1124F Ice Scraper Lubrimatic 11-301 Straight Grease Fitting Hampton 06278 Bungee Cord
Hampton 06278 Bungee Cord, 40 in L
Our Price: $5.99 Exc GST
Klondike Ice Scraper, 11 in Handle Length, Cushion Grip Handle Lubrimatic Grease Fitting, Straight, M6 X 1 Thread, For Automotive and Farm, Industrial Applications Hampton Bungee Cord, 40 in Length, Stainless Steel Twin Lead Hook End, For Marine Use
Glade 800002131 Automotive Air Freshener Glade 800002140 Automotive Air Freshener 3-In-One 01145 Motor Oil
Glade Air Freshener, Automotive, Aerosol Can Packing, Hanging Paper Dispenser, Yellow, Pleasant/Lavender/Vanilla Odor/Scent, Composition: Isobutane, Propane, 20 deg F Flash Point Glade Air Freshener, Automotive, Aerosol Can Packing, Hanging Paper Dispenser, Clear, Pleasant/Clean Linen Odor/Scent, Composition: Isobutane, Propane, 19.76 deg F Flash Point Special blend of high-grade oils equivalent to SAE-20. For electric motors of 1/4 HP or larger, and for outdoor use on guns, fishing tackle, lawn mowers, bicycles, farm, garden and workshop equipment. Non-sliding, will not run off, helps prevent rust and tarnish.
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