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Turbo Power 15-356 Gas Line Antifreeze STP 35-276STP/276 Lock De-Icer FUEL PREM STABLZR 1OZ
Designed for use in all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and snowmobiles, and is suitable for fuel injection, carbureted, and diesel engine vehicles. Helps to dry moisture in fuel tanks and lines and prevent lines from freezing, helps ensure easy starting in cold weather. Contains methanol, and an effective bittering agent to help prevent human or animal consumption. Use approximately 150 mL of gas line antifreeze for 60 litres of fuel, or one per tank of gas. Thaws/releases frozen locks and lubricates internal mechanisms. Contains isopropyl alcohol. Packaged in a handy nozzle bottle. Glasgow  Premium Fuel Stabilizer, 1 oz Capacity, Pouch Packing, Liquid
WASH WINDSHIELD -35C          FUNNEL GAS/OIL 14OZX5IN POLYE Lubrimatic 05-028 Standard Jaw Hydraulic Grease Gun Coupler
Our Price: $3.49 Exc GST
Our Price: $4.59 Exc GST
Ideal for oils, acids, adhesives, etc. Made of flexible, durable polyethylene. Chemical resistant. Eliminates splashing and tipping. Easily cleaned. White. Without filter. Multi-purpose. Lubrimatic Grease Gun Coupler, Standard Jaw, Hydraulic, Suitable For Use With: 1/8 in NPT, 1-7/16 in Length X 5/8 in, 4500 psi Working Pressure, With Spring-Loaded Ball Check Valve, Used on Hand Operated Grease Guns
Hopkins 5034 Super Funnel 3-In-One 01145 Motor Oil FLUID WASHER WINDSHIELD 3.78L
Our Price: $5.69 Exc GST
Hopkins Super Funnel, High Density Polyethylene, Used With Multiple Substances Such as Oil, Radiator Fluid or Fuel Additives Special blend of high-grade oils equivalent to SAE-20. For electric motors of 1/4 HP or larger, and for outdoor use on guns, fishing tackle, lawn mowers, bicycles, farm, garden and workshop equipment. Non-sliding, will not run off, helps prevent rust and tarnish.
Lubrimatic 05-031 Standard Jaw Curved Grease Gun Coupler Lubrimatic 11-301 Straight Grease Fitting FLD STEERING 500ML KLEEN FLO
Lubrimatic Grease Gun Coupler, Standard Jaw, Curved, Suitable For Use With: 1/8 in NPT, 5-3/8 in Length, 4500 psi Working Pressure, 30 deg Angle, With Spring-Loaded Ball Check Valve, Used on Hand Operated Grease Guns Lubrimatic Grease Fitting, Straight, M6 X 1 Thread, For Automotive and Farm, Industrial Applications Kleen-Flo Power Steering Fluid, 500 mL, 165 deg C Flash, 0.86 Specific Gravity
LUB PENETRATING WD40 311G     3-In-One 01135 Lubricant Ultra Slick 31845 Lithium Grease
WD-40 1211 Lubricant, 311 g
Our Price: $5.99 Exc GST
A non-conductor dries out wet ignition systems fast. Spray directly onto coils, distributors, electrical connections. Leaves an impenetrable film or protection. Keeps ice and snow from sticking to metal parts. A light spray permits safe storage of all machinery and equipment. Keeps locks, hinges and catches working freely regardless of weather. Non-greasy, won't stain, harmless to paint, plastics, rubber or fabrics. Aerosol. Blend of 3 oils that lubricate, clean, protect, and prevent rust. Use on locks, sliding doors, hinges, sewing machines, fans, window tracks, in saw blade cutting, on scissors, drawers, sports and recreation equipment and on the job for small motors. For home, auto, and shop applications. Use on all metal parts. Protects against rust and makes surfaces friction-free. Stainless and non-toxic. Good resistance to washout, withstands moisture and high heat. Carded.
STP 17112 Octane Booster Lubrimatic 05-037 Gun Injector Needle Nozzle Plews 11-855 Standard Grease Fitting Assortment
Boosts octane and cleans fuel intake system to restore lost performance, remove deposits which can cause knocks, pings, hesitation and stumble. Use regularly with fill up. Treats up to 79 litres. For gasoline engines. Lubrimatic Gun Injector Needle Nozzle, 1-1/2 in Length, 18 ga Thickness, Stainless Steel, Used on Hand Operated Grease Guns Plews Grease Fitting Assortment, Standard, Plews, 1/4-28 Thread, Includes: (4) Straight, (2) 45 deg, (2) 90 deg Fittings, For Automotive and Farm, Industrial Applications
Lubrimatic 11-957 Assortment Grease Fitting Kit Hopkins 5068 Funnel Set FLUID BRAKE DOT 350ML STP
Hopkins 5068 Funnel Set, 3 Pieces
Our Price: $6.99 Exc GST
Lubrimatic Grease Fitting Kit, Assortment, M6 X 1, 8 Pieces, Includes: (4) Straight, (2) 45 deg, (2) 90 deg Fittings, For Automotive and Farm, Industrial Applications Hopkins Funnel Set, 3 Pieces, Includes: (1) 1/2 pt Gray, (1) 1 pt Charcoal, (1) 2 qt Black, High Density Polyethylene, Used With Substances Such as Oil, Radiator Fluid or Fuel Additives Armored Auto Brake Fluid, Series: STP, Heavy Duty
STP 17111 Super Fuel Injector Cleaner LUBE 311G AERO JIG-A-LOO REG  Permatex 19751 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease
Unclogs dirty fuel injectors to restore performance and acceleration. Helps dissolve and remove harmful carbon, gum and varnish deposits on fuel injectors. Helps smooth rough idle and eliminate tough starts. Treats up to 21 gallons/79 litres of gasoline. Add to gas every 6,000km or every oil change. JIG-A-LOO Silicone Lubricant, All Rounder, 155 g, 20 - 21 % VOC, Liquid, Composition: Isobutane, Methylene Chloride, Perchloroethylene((Tetrachloroethylene) and Propane, Clear, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon, -40 deg F Flash, Flammability: 4, 1.37 - 1.41 Specific Gravity, Resists: Rust, Applicable Materials: Wood, Metal, Glass, Rubber, Leather, Fabrics and Most Plastics, Spray Application Method, For Car Doors and Dresser Drawers Protects electrical connections and wiring from salt, dirt and corrosion. Extends the life of bulb sockets. Prevents voltage leakage around any electrical connection. Also prevents spark plugs from fusing to boots. Required for modern high energy ignition systems. Suggested applications: marine and automotive electrical connections, spark plug boots, trailer hitches, battery terminals.
Ultra Slick 31842 Extra Fine Graphite Lubricant FLUID BRAKE CASTROL 354ML     3-In-One 01216 Lubricant with Telescoping Marksman Spout
Dry and odourless powder lubricant, ideal for dusty or dirty environments where oil lubricants are ineffective. Greaseless, withstands extreme pressure and temperatures, will not freeze, safe on metal, rubber, wood, plastic. Castrol Brake Fluid, 354 mL, DOT 3 or DOT 4, SAE J1703 and SAE J1704, For Hydraulic Brake Systems Telescoping Marksman spout comes in handy when precise control is required. With an extra 15 cms, it easily fits into hard-to-reach places and delivers oil precisely where needed. New ergonomically shaped bottle is easier to use. On and off twist tip to avoid spilling. Clear product fill indicator shows when the oil level is getting low.
Big Blast 01144 Lubricant Lubrimatic 11-311 Straight Grease Fitting Amrep CAABS3 Instant Spill Absorbent
Features new wide-area spray nozzle, designed to deliver product quickly and efficiently over large areas. Dries electrical systems, and cleans, protects and lubricates while driving out moisture. Prevents rust and keeps dirt and debris from sticking. Great for lawn mowers, engines, tractors, large equipment, wheelbarrows, recreational vehicles and snow shovels. Lubrimatic Grease Fitting, Straight, M8 X 1 Thread, For Automotive and Farm, Industrial Applications Soaks up liquid in seconds. Ultra-lightweight formula is 15 times more absorbent than clay products with low dust. Great for absorbing oils, wasted paint, anti-freeze and solvents.
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